Update - March 13, 2020

Hey Calvary Family,

First off, I never thought we would be taking the steps we are taking this weekend. Based on the latest updates regarding the Coronavirus and strong warnings both from our Governor and the Red Cross, we are changing the way we experience church starting this weekend.

We will be going “Live Stream Only” for the Sunday Worship Service at 10:30am and postponing all other church groups that meet on campus. We will not have Life Groups, Calvary Kids or Childcare available on campus. All groups, studies and activities that are scheduled to meet on campus throughout the week are being postponed. This is on a week to week basis depending on what happens next.

This may sound too extreme for you and that’s okay. We want to do our part to be responsible in taking actions that will decrease the spread of this virus. This is not a fear-based decision and we don't want to live in fear or increase your level of fear. This is simply to decrease the spread of this virus by doing our part in the community.

We always say, “The building isn’t the Church; the People are the Church.” So, we’re not cancelling church. We are just changing the way we experience worship and fellowship through this season. We are looking at this on a week to week basis, but this may go through Easter, so be prepared for new opportunities ahead.

Here are a few action steps to take:

  • Stay connected through the Calvary App, Website, Facebook and Youtube: These are your best tools for communication, services and online giving. Calvary iOS App; Calvary Android App; Facebook for Service Livestream and Updates; Youtube for Service Livestream
  • Experience Church together as a Family. You and your family usually come to church; this week we are coming to you. Have the coffee and donuts ready! Post comments as you watch & worship!
  • If you have questions or concerns, please email us at contact@calvarybellflower.org, call or text us at (562) 925-3706 – we are still here working to care for you and your family.
  • Look for the God Opportunities within this season. There is a lot of fear and concern out in the community. Pray and look for opportunities to share your faith and decrease the fear.

We are looking forward to a great service this weekend knowing that God is Greater Than Our Fear! See you online.


Pastor Ken