Answering The Top Ten Doubts About Christianity

Over the past 2,000 years the claims of Jesus, the Bible, and Christian life have been repeatedly challenged. Some of the questions we face today are the same as those millennia ago - others have a new twist due to advances in science, philosophy, archaeology, and the events of human history.

  • 2.17

    Does God Exist?

  • 2.24

    Is the Bible True?

  • 3.3

    Can I believe in Science and the Bible?

  • 3.10

    Was Jesus Really Real?

  • 3.17

    What About Evil & Suffering?

  • 3.24

    Why is there a hell?

  • 3.31

    Why are Christians So weird About Sex?

  • 4.7

    If God is Real, Why are Christians Such HypocriteS?

  • 4.14

    How Can You Say Jesus is the Only Way?

  • 4.21

    Did the Resurrection Really Happen?