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What is a Child Dedication

A baby dedication is an occasion where parents make a public commitment before the church to raise their child in the Christian faith. Often, the child is an infant, but parents may choose to dedicate a child at any time. The dedication is partly about dedicating children to God and partly about the parents’ promise to dedicate themselves to cultivating faith in their children. It is also an opportunity for the parents to acknowledge the child’s life is a gift of God and that the child’s life rightfully belongs to God (Ps 127:3).

The dedication of children is found in Scripture where Hannah promises to dedicate her son to God’s service (1 Sam 1:11) and Mary and Joseph present Jesus at the temple as a baby (Luke 2:22–35). Jesus also blessed children who were brought to him (Mark 10:14–16).

Since the purpose of a dedication ceremony is to hear the parents publicly commit their children to God and to raising them in the faith, the service usually involves the pastor asking the parents questions about their intentions in bringing the child for dedication. For example, the pastor may ask whether they are prepared to dedicate themselves to the task of raising their child in the discipline and instruction of the Lord or whether they commit to instructing their child in the faith and nurturing an environment at home of prayer and devotion to Christ.

The pastor will also generally express the church’s commitment to partner with the parents through encouragement and training to also nurture the faith of their children. In some churches, the congregation may also be asked to express their commitment through word or action.

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A Great Step of Faith for Parents

Every year we have a couple opportunities for Parents to participate in a Scriptural and very meaningful ceremony before the Calvary Family in which they make a personal commitment to raise their children up in the ways of the Lord. This is for Two-Parent Families, Single Parents or Grandparents. We believe this is a great way to publicly commit to what God instructs us in the Bible:

“Listen, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord alone. And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength. And you must commit yourselves wholeheartedly to these commands that I am giving you today. Repeat them again and again to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up.” Deut.6:4-7 NLT

The Perfect Picture

We all love the perfect picture. A picture that says it all and is crystal clear. At Calvary, like every other ceremony, we want this Parent-Child Dedication to be a very clear picture of what God is asking of us and what we are committing to do. In order to make sure you are ready for this faith step, please consider the following questions:

Have you personally accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and living for Him?

Have you taken our 101 Class and become a member of Calvary Bellflower?

Are you currently living a lifestyle that is in line with following Jesus and being obedient to His will for your life?

If the answer is yes to these questions, your next step is to use to turn in a Welcome Card at the Gazebo with a note that you would like to dedicate your child or children during our next Parent-Child Dedication (Usually in the Spring and Fall), or call the church office at 562-925-3706

We look forward as your Church Family to help you raise your children to know God and follow Him faithfully & fearlessly.