Nursery Director - Heather Coleman

Nursery | Birth - 1yr

Place your baby in the arms of a loving childcare worker who rocks and plays with your baby while you attend Small Groups and the Worship Service. A separate sitting area is available for nursing moms. A complete Nursery Handbook is available to our first-time guests.

Walkers Nursery | 1yr - 2 1/2yrs

Your toddlers will enjoy a more interactive environment with age-appropriate toys, music, puzzles and song videos in our Walkers Nursery. A snack of fish crackers and water is provided at the tables. Lots of rocking and TLC included.

Cry Room

If your child is sick or fussy or you're not ready to leave them in the Nursery, the cry room at the back of the Worship Center lets you sit with your baby while listening to the service.

Toddlers | 2 1/2yrs -3yrs

Your children will enjoy a fun and structured learning environment that includes learning and playtime activities, songs, Bible stories, crafts, snacks and videos.

Pre-K | 4yrs - 5yrs

This class is also fun and structured with learning and playtime activites, songs, Bible stories, crafts, puppets and videos. The 10:30am Sunday School hour provides children with their first Small Group experience.