Muireadhach Currie

Hi I’m Pastor Muireadhach (or just Murdoch 😁) and I oversee Belong, our college & career ministry, as well as our 30s ministry.
God has blessed me double and then some by giving me ten years of marriage with my stunning wife Delilah, who is an amazing mother and partner in raising our daughter Caighsi (KC, 9).

I got brought on staff at the church in January 2019 and couldn’t express how much I love being able to serve at Calvary because we really are a family, in the staff and in the church.
Speaking of family, my parents got connected with Calvary back when I was little -fun fact: Pastor Ken actually baptized me when I was 5- and the church supported my family for 5 years as missionaries to Scotland where my dad is from. So I can really say I was raised in the church and specifically Calvary in one way or another. I can also say that I stereotyped the rebel Pastors Kid … and even though I’m not going to share that here, just ask me and I’d be more than happy to share how greatly the grace of God moved in my life to bring me to where I am today (you’d be surprised!).

I have a pretty broad interest in a lot of different things but you’re probably never going to hear me as excited as when I say “let me just nerd out on the Bible real quick…” because I have experienced and seen time and time again the love and power of God move in a persons life when they really understand how great the Gospel is in practical terms. I don’t want to stop short of anything God has in store for us whether it be freedom from our past, His guidance into the future, being used in miraculous ways, or best yet simply loving Him and others consistently through our daily lives.